Thursday, 13 January 2011

Data Driven Map Book in ArcGIS 10

During my work, i often have to prepare layouts in arcgis which is only different in what is displaying in the main dataframe. For example often i have a big orthophoto and i have to prepare layouts showing portion of it in big scale together with a overview picture so that a user would know where he/she is looking. If i divide my othophoto frame into 9 parts then i would have prepare same layout 9 times each time panning  data in main frame to different extent. But, now i am happy that there is data driven map book in arcgis 10 which will make my such tedius task much simplier and easier.

I have a polygon data of wards within Kirtipur and a table with a locations of schools within the area. With using join by spatial location, i attached number of schools in each ward to the polygon data. Then the polygon was visualized in catagories using symbology tab.

Now, here things get interesting. Now i need pdf displaying each ward number in zoom and also a description  specifying how many schools within that particular ward number. That means the extent in main frame in layout and text should be automatically update based on the data.


a) Go to layout tab and design your layout as necessary. Insert another data frame which would act as a overview. Display the layers in the overview dataframe as required. Righ click in overview data frame, select properties and go to Extent Indicator tab and select the main data frame. This will highlight the area as the extent in the main data frame changes.

2) Right click anywhere in toolbars and make Data Driven Pages toolbar visible.Click atu Setup Data Driven pages. Check Enable DataDriven pages. Select approriate layer and field  based on which one wants to create data driven pages.

3) From data driven toolbar, click next and you will see layout would change automatically.

4) Now we want to export it as pdf. From file choose export map and save the file. 

5) The layout for one ward no is shown as below. Click here if you want to download the data driven map book as pdf thus created and see how it looks.

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