Thursday, 3 February 2011

Real time satellite position around the Earth

Back in 2006 when i was studying about Keplers law which governs the orbital postion of satellite, i wondered how many satellite are orbiting around the Earth  and is there any way we could visualize those satellites. I surfed the internet yesterday with a hope that i find something which shows positions of different satellites. Luckily, i found  a kml file which is quite compelling ! The  file was developed by  a  guy named Matt who is associated with a company called Analytic Graphics Inc. It shows the real- time position of 13,0000 satellites around the Earth ! The position of the satellites are updated in every 30 seconds.

On clicking on a satellite, one can get the various information about the satellite. In addtion, if you are interested how that particular satellite revolves around the earth you can see the trajectory of that satellite by clicking the satellite and clicking on Display Trajectory in Fixed Term.

I am quite suprised to see how crowded our space is. If you think your job is tough, just imagine how satellite engineers manage to put new satellite on orbit and decide its orbital path so that there is no collisions of satellite. I am glad, I am just an engineer but not an satellite engineer. Phew !!

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