Wednesday, 23 February 2011

MATLAB GUI for 3D point generation from SR 4000 images

Nowadays visualizations with a three dimensional impression are getting more and more interesting. This work of mine that I have carried out during my study concentrates on the construction of a 3D model of point clouds, by distance measurement with a time-of-flight (TOF) range camera, called SR 4000 which operates based on measurement of time of flight of Near infrared (NIR) beam. The task is to develop a tool for the collection of 3D point clouds achieving by this camera. The tool uses the collected 3D point coordinates from different scanning locations. This local coordinates from different camera positions according to the object should be transformed into a common coordinate system.

With the camera SR 4000 it is possible to capture point clouds with a maximum distance of 5 meters. Typical measuring accuracy is ± 1.5 m away from the structure. Pictures from different position around an object were taken in a day light sun. For resulting image coordinates, corrections have been applied for distortions such as radial distortions (symmetric distortion attributable to variation in refraction at each individual components lens) and tangential or decentring distortion (asymmetric distortion attributable to decentring and misalignment of individual lens elements within the objective).

Additionally a Matlab based GUI is implemented which processes and visualizes the MATLAB code of the tool on a graphical user interface. Graphical user interface was created such that it would guide any end user to go through all those process mentioned above without actually having deal with text based command interface. Also they don’t have to care about what input parameters has to supply for any functions. Users are guided through all the process with the help of graphical buttons and visual container and are aided with the help tip tools and message box.



  1. Hi!

    You really did a great job!
    Can anybody (deeply interested) have a copy of your tool?



  2. Hi once again!

    Please let me know if the tool is available to buy.



  3. i developed this tool for a research related work so i am not allowed to distribute it.If you have any specific question about MATLAB GUI or SR4000 camera, then u r welcome to contact me.